Always, always include a rough mix, and please make sure that the multitrack matches the arrangement of the rough mix EXACTLY. The rough mix should represent the vibe of the track, or what you/the artist/the producer have been listening to and signed off as being ready to mix.

Please supply dry, separated vocal tracks without any processing or tuning. Baby, I like it raw! The exceptions here are deliberately hard tuned, distorted, pitch/formant shifted vocals or any other “production” type stuff. They’re part of “the sound”, so generally I’d like to receive them like that. If in doubt, send both dry and processed versions – but please put them in separate, clearly labelled folders.

Please make sure your tracks aren’t clipping! It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often stuff comes in distorting (and not in the nice way).

Please apply your own time correction, if needed. If you don’t, it increases turnaround time, and my feeling for groove won’t be exactly the same as yours. Do be wary of time stretching algorithms in your DAW (“Flex Time” in Logic, or “Warp” in Ableton, etc). These methods often introduce unwanted artefacts, and more elegant solutions can often be pursued. If in doubt, just holler.

Please include any reverbs, delays and any other important production elements on instruments (if you’ve found a rad spring reverb for that guitar part, I want it!)

Please deliver multitracks as 24bit WAV files. Sample rates aren’t so important, just make sure you deliver your files at the same sample rate they were recorded. I prefer not to receive Pro Tools/Logic/Ableton sessions with complex routing or FX chains unless requested.